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Keith Young is an education coach, trainer, and writer whose passion and expertise have shaped the landscape of educational leadership. Born and raised in the Alabama foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Keith's journey is as diverse and enriching as his professional one. His early experiences in humble beginnings instilled in him a deep understanding of the transformative power of education.


Keith’s instructional skills were honed by teaching secondary students for the U.S. government in Germany. This international exposure broadened his teaching horizon and ignited a lifelong passion for educational leadership and reform. From here, Keith's career trajectory took him through various roles as a district and school administrator in Arizona, Colorado, Puerto Rico, and Virginia. In these positions, he became known for his exceptional ability to turn around schools and significantly improve student outcomes, often in challenging environments.


At AKYConsulting, he channels decades of experience into empowering educators and leaders, reforming teaching methods, and developing innovative learning strategies. His practical approach and blended coaching model have significantly impacted both domestically and internationally. Now, Keith calls the lively coast of South Carolina his home, where he combines the tranquility of coastal life with the vibrancy of his ongoing mission. Keith and his husband, Marcio, spend a great deal of time doting on several of their parcel of 22 nephews and one niece (Shout out to Sofia!).


But Keith is more than just his professional accolades. His journey is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of growth. This personal narrative, combined with his professional expertise, makes Keith an authority in his field and a relatable and inspiring figure.


Connect with Keith, and you connect with a story of educational transformation, a tale of crossing continents and cultures, all to enrich the world of education. Join him on this journey and be part of the change, reshaping the future of learning and teaching.

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With AKYConsulting, Keith partners with experienced educational leaders to provide training and coaching in:

 Books & Publications

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The Instructional Coaching Handbook 

This guidebook is a treasure trove of over 200 problem-solving strategies for instructional coaches and principals. Delve into chapters dedicated to crucial skills like Efficacy, Equity, and Academic Instruction. Purchase your copy on ASCD or Amazon.

The October 2023 cover of EL magazine is this imgage. The ASCD logo is in included with the highlights of three articles. There is a circle of diverse adults photographed from above as they look up. The title of this issue is printed on the cover as "What New Leaders Need"


Keith writes extensively about leadership, appearing in both Kappan and Educational Leadership magazines. Don't miss his latest insightful article in the October edition of EL magazine, The Fundamentals of Fast Feedback.

The cover of the book Training Design, Delivery, & Diplomacy: An Educator's Guide is this image. The authors names, Keith Young and Tamarra Osborne, as well as the title of the book appear in the imgage. The background to the text is array of pastel block that look intertwined like a Tetris game configuration.

Training Design, Delivery, & Diplomacy 

This 2023 practical guide, co-authored with Tamarra Osborne, is a must-have for trainers seeking to design and deliver impactful professional training. It receives high praise for those building train-the-trainer initiatives and is available for purchase on ASCD and Amazon.


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Partners, Past & Present

Arizona Department of Education, Phoenix, AZ

Baptist Church Mission School, Faridpur, Bangladesh

California Environmental Protection Agency, Sacramento, CA

Department of Defense Education Activity, Alexandria, VA

First 5, San Francisco, CA

Frankfurt International School, Frankfurt, Germany

Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield, IL

Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA

McGraw Hill, New York, NY

Mediterranean Association of International Schools, Madrid, Spain

Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, AZ

Monterey County Office of Education, Salinas, CA    

Nogales Unified School District, Nogales, AZ

Norfolk Public Schools, Norfolk, VA

Peoria Unified School District, Peoria, AZ

Sacramento County Office of Education, Sacramento, CA

Shonto Preparatory School District, Shonto, AZ

South Bay Union School District, Imperial Beach, CA

Troy Community Consolidated School District, Plainfield, IL

Valley View Community Unit School District, Romeoville, IL

Ventura County Office of Education, Ventura, CA

WestEd, Camarillo, CA

Windward District, Kaneohe, HI

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At AKYConsulting, we believe in a future where every educational leader is empowered, every teacher is inspired, and every student thrives. Our mission is to provide the tools, knowledge, and support to realize this vision. Whether you're an aspiring school leader, a seasoned administrator, or a dedicated instructional coach, our services and resources are tailored to meet your unique needs.


With a legacy of success and innovation, Keith Young and the AKYConsulting team are your partners in crafting a brighter educational future. Reach out today to discuss how we can collaborate to elevate your educational environment. Together, we can achieve remarkable transformations in teaching and learning.

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